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About Us

Discover unique European designs for modern women at reasonable prices. The merchandise selection is classy but sassy...the clothes don’t go out of style, but always look in style. We specialize in comfortable, soft knitwear and natural fabrics. Our product lines are great quality, distinct and elegant.

We offer a mix of merchandise, including everyday knitwear, elegant dresses, cardigans, pants, skirts and tops, handmade jewelry and scarves. Estell Boutique is known for its perfect fit and comfortable pants. Our sizes run from XS- 2XL.

All merchandise is hand-selected by the founder of Estell Boutique, who travels to various parts of Europe. Our passion is to deliver distinctive and elegant apparel merchandise to modern women. We strongly value the originality and craftsmanship of our designers.


We understand the taste of a modern and elegant woman. Our product lines offer exceptional quality, distinctiveness and elegance in all designs.

Together with our exclusive European vendors, we pay close attention to garment construction,form and details, while delivering high quality workmanship.